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Welcome to the Textbook Center!

We are open:
Every regular school day until 3:45 p.m.



  • During Material Pick-Up Days, each student/family is provided a copy of their textbook titles with specific identifying BARCODES at the time of Book Pick-Up (a receipt). For 2021-22, this WHITE paper is attached to a GREEN paper: Text Center Dos & Don'ts Policy.

  • STUDENTS: NEVER SHARE YOUR BOOKS WITH OTHER STUDENTS! You are responsible for that specific book (with that BARCODE) assigned to you.

  • Copies of your receipt (the text list on white paper) are always available, any time, upon request.

  • It is your responsibility to READ ALL INFORMATION GIVEN TO YOU via the school newsletters, mailings, emails and especially papers handed out at registration. Failure to read these helpful notifications could cost you $$$.

  • Please return all textbooks directly to the Textbook Center immediately after dropping a class, transferring out of H-F, class completion. NEVER hold books.

  • Elective Books (books used for Sem 1 only classes) are due back to the Textbook Center in December by the last day of class… before the winter break.

  • DO NOT leave texts with anyone else, nor any place else. This will not qualify as "returned" and may not result in crediting your student with a return.

  • Expect to receive a charge for unreturned, damaged or late items that were loaned to your student.

  • The Textbook Center MUST have all resources back timely to distribute to the next group of students taking that course. Once we have ordered replacements for loaned items for distribution to the next students, your student's account will be charged for the item as LOST.

  • Do you have questions? Would you like a receipt via emailed? Please contact Mrs. Dowell at adowell@hf233.org.

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